Tuesday, September 20, 2005


well, am writing this having just dismounted from a stepladder, upon which I've been plastering in a large hole in my newly decorated wall. The hole appeared at the weekend and formed the centrefugal point of a generally stressful couple of days...

it began with my slowly rejoining the wakeful world on saturday morning, somehow still feeling sleep deprived, despite having been safely nestled in my (fabulously round) bed for close to 11 hours - I blame my friend's birthday on thursday, from which i drunkenly arrived home at around 4am, allowing a generous 2.5hrs of alcohol dazed sleep before heading off to the office, where I somewhat randomly had to be a film editor for the day (am sure that wasn't in my job description - guess it comes under the onerous 'and any other duties as appropriate' section, along with coffee making and filtering porn, as opposed to filtering coffee and making porn, which I clearly don't do!).

Anyway, back to Saturday...so, I'm now awake, and am contemplating a relaxing day of joyous domesticity. I dutifully do all the general getting up morning things, shove a first load of laundry on, open my curtains (note presence of curtains at this juncture) and plan where to start next with the ongoing task of unpacking, having only recently moved into my (well jazzshark's actually) fab flat. I'm feeling most motivated when my phone rings, and a friend of mine forces me to meet her for brunch up in town...it took a lot of persuading I can tell you! So Saturday then becomes a write off, as brunch continues into afternoon, at which point I have to head off to my secret other job, at Hammersmith Apollo (a very fine venue indeed!)

Post-work drinking ensued once back in 'the 'hood', at the very fine escape bar, followed by further drinking and pizza back in the flat....

And so to sunday, where I awake feeling sleep deprived (again), open my curtains, and am met by a large, low flying lump of metal flying towards my head, swiftly followed by a trail of white curtainage. Narrowly avoiding certain (or should that be curtain?) death, I look up to see that where my lovely chrome curtain wire bracket used to be, there is now a gaping hole, haemorraging plaster dust on to the (newly cleaned) carpet...bollocks!

Casting all thoughts of domesticity aside once again, I do what any normal person would do, and run away from the scene rapidly, deciding to go and check out the Thames Festival instead...am casually enjoying some pasta in one of the new riverside restaurants, when we are suddenly evacuated from area in random bomb scare, resulting from some fool dropping a rucksack on to the lift leading to the bridge...twat! By now feeling fed up, cold and still sleep deprived, I decide home is safer after all, and head home to assess the damage, in the vague hope it had miraculously fixed itself while i'd been out...sadly, it hadn't...

so, a trip to B & Q, a tub of polyfilla, and half an hour up a step-ladder later, I may not have curtains again yet, but the hole has been vanquished - hurrah!


Blogger jazzshark said...

Glad to hear the bed's still standing even if the walls aren't.
the landlady x

4:41 am  
Blogger codenameLizzy said...

I was wondering what had happened but felt for sure you'd call if a power tool was needed. Ja!

10:04 pm  
Blogger Catster said...

I would indeed have, and infact was going to call on your tools of power, but then the boy turned up last night and happened to have one in the car....but thanks for wondering, and I'm sure I'll be needing your powers before long! xx

8:25 pm  

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