Saturday, September 24, 2005

Why oh why oh why...?

So, here we are, 3 months and a day away from Christmas, and yet Sainsbury's seem to be working to a different time:christmas continuum to the rest of us, and have festive mince pies onsale in big displays already. And what's more people are buying them...Is this consumerism gone mad? Has no-one heard of the all year round, non-festive, mince pie alternative of eccles cakes? Discuss.


Blogger The Apologist said...

And it's infectious isn't it? In Tescos today I found myself slipping a coupla sachets of Bread Sauce mix into my trolley. Justin Case.

1:17 am  
Blogger Catster said...

Ahhh, but bread sauce is for life, not just for Christmas! (As long as there is no hint of festivity on the packaging!)

4:33 pm  
Anonymous Kate said...

and imagine how it feels to be inundated with Xmas garb when the sun is shining and it's the middle of the summer! it messes with your head!

9:38 pm  

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