Tuesday, February 20, 2007


I went to see the Guillemots at Brixton Academy on Friday, and whilst I found the band to be rather dull I did have a rather amazing experience!

Those of you who have frequented gigs with me in the past will know that I seem to have a mysterious magnetism as far as tall people coming to stand in front of me are concerned....we think we have a safe spot, the band's about to come on, and suddenly....whoosh.... the requisite tall person slides in out of nowhere to take (usually) his place directly in front of me, thus blocking my view for the majority of the gig...

And indeed the same thing happened on Friday - we came in by the stage, found a suitably clear area, and 30 seconds before the band came on, suddenly, as if by magic the RTG (requisite tall guy) appeared...and in this case he was rather wide as well...

But then, to my right I spotted a group of merry midgets, to which I sidled over, stood behind and enjoyed an uninterrupted view of the show....so I would just like to say (and I apologise for any un-pc-ness here, but...) Hurrayfor midgets! I am seriously thiking about starting a 'More Midgets at Gigs Campaign'.... butmaybe that's a bridge too far...

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