Monday, September 26, 2005

tell me why i don't like sundays...

So, another weekend has passed, and I survived more or less in tact, despite turning a year older on Sunday…It started with a lovely laid back Saturday – ventured to the DIY heaven of B&Q (sadly in the real Croydon, as opposed to the shark’s much happier NY version) to buy purple paint for the communal room in flat (which has now been dubbed the ‘drugs den’, despite having not actually seen, smelt, tasted or snorted any semblance of drug, tho it may have encountered a stray feminax last week…). Found a very fine purple – Amethyst Falls 2 in the Dulux range should anyone care – pics will probably follow shortly, and returned home to enthusiastically apply the first coat.

Afternoon was spent Sainsbury’s shopping (steadfastly ignoring the growing mince pie displays), and preparing a bribery dinner for the EB, who came round and gallantly assisted with remedying my lack of curtains – yes, one week on from curtaingate, and no more are neighbours at risk from glimpsing me stumbling in/out of bed – hurrah! Was also of course lovely to see the EB and catch up having not seen him since our Madrid trip back in August.

Sunday also started calmly (tho slightly later and with a little more hangover than intended, and I thought that I was actually going to survive the weekend, not to mention my birthday, with no trauma at all….how naively wrong I was! So, I decide to treat myself to a bit of birthday shopping up on Oxford/Regent Street (really girly things, such as the Imovie HD manual…), and we’re on a bus heading to our last port of call, the mothership that is HMV (which has a bargainous sale on – Neil Young ‘Harvest’ for only £2.99!), and are in sight of it, when there’s suddenly a large jolt and a loud bang type sound. Well never having been in any sort of accident before, it took me a couple of seconds to realise what had happened – we’d hit someone…my friend and I were by the door so, jumped off and immediately became involved in helping the woman who’d been hit (she’s a nurse, and I’m first-aid ish trained), and after the longest 5 minutes of my life the ambulance arrived…the woman was conscious when they arrived so hopefully she’s OK…

So, then it was straight home for recovery G&T’s all round….

I think next weekend I’ll just stay at home and hide.


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