Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tree induced joyousness!

So last night I ventured into the depths of the countryside (well, ok, it was still within the confines of zone 4, but it felt like the depths of the countryside) to meet CNL and go to see this... and it was a very lovely evening indeed!

We popped in to a riverside pub for a 'swift one' to warm us on our way, and then ventured into the expanse of park to track down the woodland. which we were slightly worried about, as the entrance had previously evaded CNL during her early morning jogs...but using our wily wits and tree finding senses we cunnignly tracked it down and it was fully worth it...

We followed the drive to the entrance and then proceeded to follow dimly lit (and slightly muddy) paths around a large lake, surrounded by beautifully lit trees, bamboo, shrubs and sculptures... it was truly lovely, and very calming and relaxing and I urge you all to go before it ends on Sunday...I intend to revisit at least once, if not more!

See all the pictures here....

Monday, November 27, 2006


So November seems to have pretty much vanished - how did that happen?! To summarise it was a mangled blur of the following....

brockwell park fireworks, chilli, pretty sunsets, staying up til sunrise, brian wilson and pet sounds, getting to know the neighbours, flaming lips (the band, not chilli related), recycle recollective's first birthday, london jazz festival, quiet nights in, card playing, magic numbers (the band, not pure maths related), domesticity, G4 craziness (work related only, I still have musical standards!), being stalked by crazy G4 fanclub lady (fortunately only in the virtual sense), Rodrigo Y Gabriela, and now the shark is back in London - yay!

All in all a muchly fun month!