Friday, June 29, 2007

Lessons in life learnt this week....

1. Thou shalt not drink Berocca any less than 5 hours before going to see doctor, incase you have to provide a urine sample - if this occurs you have to spend many minutes reassusuring said doctor that the luminousity of your sample is perfectly safe and not radioactive in the slightest.

2. Immediately after having a blood test at which 5 test tubes of blood have been siphoned from your system, thou shalt not partake of a large extra shot latte unless thou intend to spend rest of day feeling extremely dizzy and slightly sick. Chocolate minirolls are not enough to combat the effects of aforementioned caffeine intake.

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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ways to avoid the office #53

So, yesterday I was mostly being mistaken for a terrorist! We had the afternoon all planned out - drive up to work, drop off some stuff we need to take with us next week, do some work, head back home....but oh no....

Instead we ended up spending just over 2 hours on Whitehall, as B's car decided to totally die around 50 metres from Trafalgar Square, in the inside lane of rather busy traffic - how popular were we?! After duly informing the police and calling the breakdown recovery people we chilled out and enjoyed the sunshine and the view as there wasn't a lot else we could do! After an hour or so a couple of police officers appeared, but not, as we assumed, in a response to our call...nope, the car had been logged on cctv and they thought we were a bomb, so we were rather brusquely ordered out of the car! Once we established the actual situation with them, and managed to convince them that we were in no way remotely explosive, they were most friendly and helped us move the car to a side street where we had to wait another hour or so for the recovery guy (grrr!)

Whitehall Place
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Soon after we were merrily on our way again, the car having been fixed (blown fuel pump fuse), so we did a smash and grab at the office, returning home with our laptops but abandoning all ideas of work.... instead opting for bbq and pimms on the balcony - hurrah!

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