Thursday, October 06, 2005

crossing the void

so, another weekend passed, and without the merest hint of trauma - hurrah! The Eggplants gig went swimmingly - was great to see those of you who turned, and those of you who didn't should hang your heads in shame - you know who you are!

Have got purplemafling und familie coming to stay tonight which will be most lovely - met up with them for late lunch and then dinner yesterday, and was great to see them all again and catch up on life...

Although all these inserts from the life of shark have only served to highlight the shark-shaped (have just searched to see if there was suitable word for this, and was asked 'did you mean egg-shaped?', is it just me or was this somewhat random?!) void she has left behind (I'm not entirely sure you can have a shaped void, but you can now!)..anyway, to get to the point, to alleviate the aforementioned lack of shark, I have booked my trip to New York (hurrah) for the end of November, which is most exciting!


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