Monday, March 20, 2006

it was a lost weekend...

so i emerged from the depths of an alternating state of hangover vs drunkeness spliced with a bit of sleep deprivation, which has been ongoing since Friday it was with not a little reluctance that i found myself heading in for my second week in my new job.

the job side of things has been fab so far tho - I 've done more work in the past week than I did in the entirety of the past 6 months (which believe me is a wonderful thing), the people i work with all seem really nice, there's a great atmosphere, and i haven't even mentioned the in-house masseuse or monthly 'beer talks' yet!

the week was interspersed with a farewell to the sharkstress on Tuesday evening (who's now safely home, entertaining CNL, avoiding accidental holidays to Hawaii and bathing in a sea of hula hoops (of the snack variety, rather than the Hawaiian variation!) and a lovely gig at Darbucka which enabled me to try and reclaim my Steve's Groupy status, as well as allowing me to catch up with my old uni tutor and enjoy the fabulously wonderful guitar skills of Thomas Leeb, which Steve quite accurately predicted I'd love. The evening was only slightly marred by a random and slightly scary encounter with a random old businessman when getting off the train in Herne Hill....suffice to say I ran home to hide very quickly...

Friday was my 'welcome drinks' night with new work people, and I had a great time, and predictably was one of the last of our group still in the pub come closing time, resulting in a mad taxi trip across town with a colleague's flat mate (colleague was on crutches so had gone home a few hours earlier), swiftly followed by further drinking jollity around Herne Hill. Bravely battling through my hangover on Saturday, it was off to my friend's 40th birthday party, where I was supplied with champagne to drink and small children to play with....ah they know me so well!

Sunday FMB and I reated ourselves to a decadent Sunday morning breakfast and paper reading session, after which I headed off for my (doesn't have to be) secret (anymore) other job, where my French skills were put to the test as the entire audience were Francais. we then discovered lots of opened undrunk champagne left over from the pre-show party, which we felt ibliged to drink (well it would have been rude not to!)

so therefore i'm having a safe, quiet night in tonight, am cooking something involving pasta and salmon and finally getting round to updating le blog.


Anonymous SteveChannel said...

that's better

12:28 pm  
Blogger Catster said...

see - not gagged by evil empire - just side-tracked somewhat!

1:27 pm  
Blogger jazzshark said...

did you just lose another one?

10:49 pm  
Blogger Catster said...

Yes, but not in such a fun way, as it involved getting up at 5am for the Radiohead onsale at Hammersmith....eugh!

1:15 pm  

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