Monday, March 06, 2006

happy coincidences, sharks and gainful employment

I always find it slightly freaky (in a good way!)when I find that people from different parts of my life turn out to randomly know each other, previously unbeknownst (is that actually a word or am I making it up?) to me.

I've been encountering this more than usual recently, as it would appear that Flatmate Becca (FMB from this point forwards...) has a spooky habit of already knowing a large proportion of the friends that I bring round to the flat, in a zero degree of seperation stylee. This first became apparent with the gradual realization that she and CNL had camped together at Glastonbury. It did take over a week to work this out, but then it was Glastonbury...! This encounter was then surpassed last night with the arrival of Amey, chief tenant of purplemafling's London empire. It transpires (after a mere 7.5 minute recall time this time) that FMB & Amey not only knew each other but briefly shared a flat together a couple of years ago.

I am now making it my personal challenge to try and find my most obscure friends to bring round to test the FMB networking powers! Admittedly she didn't already know the shark, but did report 'feeling as if she'd met her before and known her for years' which I think counts in this situation!

Talking of the shark her visit has come and gone all too quickly (although there is a short sequel to be caught next week), during which much fun, curry and gigs were to be had, not to mention an unplanned tour of North London courtesy of steve, who performed not one, but two fine gigs in the NT foyer.

Meanwhile, the job situation has been a flurry of activity, with my learning about, being interviewed for, offered and accepting a new job all within the space of 72 hours! I start next Monday...


Blogger est said...

great news about the job catster.. and glad you guys had fun.. good to see you and da sharkus again.. sorry i had to miss steves' gig, had one meslef and a rehearsel. speak soon.. by the by i dont really use my thang here.. myspace all da way!x est

3:19 am  
Blogger jimbobwoof said...

Great news about the job. Tell all (or more) do.

9:24 am  

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