Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cat's Travels - 31st January to 2nd February

Well, I have arrived in (very) sunny New Zealand safe and sound, after a very smooth and, noy unpleasant, journey. The only slight mishap being a delay after landing in Singapore, wherby they couldn't get the door open to let us off the plane! This then meant I only had an hour between flights, which wasn't great, but hey!

Arrived in Auckland this afternoon and checked into my hostel, which is cool....had wander round town and went on a short boat trip to one of the island with some people I met in a coffee shop...decided to follow a scenic trail, which we somehow went wrong on and ended up at the island's water purification unit...doh!

Back at hostel now, having had food, and am heading to bar for a quick couple before an early sign of jet lag yet tho - hurrah!


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