Sunday, January 15, 2006

Ups and downs...

its been a somewhat hectic and mixed week, and overall start to 2006....
On the upside, I now have my bank card back, and half the money has been refunded back to my account so far (rest pending fraud investigation) - hurrah!
and very excitingly Kate, Dan and the munchkin cam to stay - was very lovely to see them all, and I can officially confirm that the munchkin is the cutest, happiest, smiliest baby in the entire world ever (not that I'm biased or anything!)

broody? me? no comment....!

I then had (for probably the first time ever) a cliched Friday 13th....firstly, I diligently tore myself away from the munchkin charms so that I wouldn't be late for work, only to be stuck on a bus for two hours, thus being excessively late for work anyway...grrr! On the upside it allowed me unexpected extra reading time, and I have now finished all three Dark Materials books.....but am now left with the quandary of what to read! All suggestions gratefully received!

The afternoon then brought forth a long cocnversation with boss where we both agreed that I was over qualified and under challenged in the job, and so I should actively look for something else as soon as possible....whilst being true and kind of a relief to discuss it openly, is also a little scary as I could end up jobless in 4 months....aaaaargh! so if anyone knows of anything suitable please let me know!

I then got home and for the first time ever cooked something that tasted vile (which given it was for a dinner party was not good) - fotrunately, after 45mins or so of random spice alchemy I managed to transform it into something that was quite pleasantly edible....(phew!)...

My glee was shortly followed by much swearing as I managed to shower much of the kitchen (and assorted guests/flat mates) with a large (huge) bag of basmati rice....doh! 2 days and several sweepings later I am still finding random grains lurking in unexpected corners....

Yesterday I had a lovely day of relaxation before heading off to the Crisis volunteers party, where I had a fab time, and it was really lovely to see everyone's been spent nursing the hangover i mysteriously acquired...tho I have also made some maya goldchocolate chip cookies much to the flatmates' glee!

Days til I fly to New Zealand: 14


Blogger codenameLizzy said...

I can't see the cookies.
Why not join me and jimbob with Middlesex.
I'm only 20 pages in due to CBB duties.
I read The House of the Spirits after Lyra and it went very well. Top mad birds in it.

8:20 pm  
Blogger Catster said...

already read middlesex innit, but might give house of the spirits a go if you say its worth a read...


9:11 pm  
Blogger jimbobwoof said...

Have you read "Ghostwritten" by David Mitchell, "Lovely Bones" by Julie Sebold or "Moonpalace" by Paul Auster..

... all worth a look

11:59 pm  
Anonymous Steve said...

"random spice alchemy" - what a marvellous name for a song/band/album... expect to see it appear soon.



4:58 pm  

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