Monday, December 05, 2005

it was a lost weekend...

t'was a weekend of randomness and good gigs this week - was s'posed to go to the Franz Ferdinand end of tour party on saturday, but after finishing at my soj we somehow ended up instead going to a friend's house back in Herne Hille for very fine food, drink and company, before heading down to the academy to see the Prodigy late show...and I was once again reminded of the advantages of working in the field I do...this is not a gig I would normally haved got tickets for, as although I've always liked them I've never felt a great need to see them live....however, as we emerged from the guest door straight into the throng in front of the stage you could not fail to be caught up in it all, and I almost instantly reverted back to being a clubby teen back in the early 90's. and so we bounced around manically for the entirety of the set, before heading upstairs to the bar and somehow finding ourselves sometime later on the dance floor with Keith himself and a Hell's Angel....finally rolled home around 5 and was swiftly reminded upon awaking why I seldom do such things these days...ah yes, old age is kicking in!

review here

Sunday was a more sedate affair, with soj beckoning again, after which we headed to the Palais to catch Robert Plant...wimping out before the end and sensibky making it home before 11...still managed to sleep through my alarm this morning tho...doh!

Which brings me to a question - is there some strange cult going on in London that I am oblivious too - I keep encountering 5ft high stuffed Disney characters on my way home - last night it was Winnie the Pooh coming home on the tube (it woukd seem he lives in Stockwell if anyone is concerned) and today, as we zoomed past on the bus I saw Tigger entering the tube at Elephant and Castle. May 'Disney' watch commence - any further sightings let me know!


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disney character sightings....lack of sleep.....are we seeing a connection here?

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