Friday, October 14, 2005

it's a giggywhirl

well, despite my flu clinging on for dear life (but being decategorised to a level 1 cold - slight remaining bunged-upness, average tissue usage = 2 per hour)i have fully reimmersed myself into the world of 'going out'!

After lovely curry on Wednesday with the hausfrau, the elf, Jamie and codenamelizzy (who beat me to the regaling of the Gym/Gin story, so check out her blog to read it), I hurtled up to the South Bank, arriving in time to catch the end of Super Furry Animals and all of New Order, who were on fine form despite some guitar issues...Bizarre audience happenings, as was full of rowdy men intoxicated on both beer and football success, which culminated in a full on mosh pit at the front - in the Queen Elizabeth Hall too - whatever next?! Managed to survive in tact tho, and somehow found myself in the aftershow, where i was able to gaze admiringly at Fergal Sharkey among others - hurrah! A very splendid night, although I was mysteriously attacked by Time Bandits at some point, who viciously stole at least a couple of hours from me, which meant I didn't arrive home til 2.30...

...which I am definitely getting to old for. Struggled through work yesterday, and then, finding myself with a couple of hours to kill after work, I was reminded of one of the things I love about living in London; the ability to wander around and literally sumble across unexpected gigs/performances/exhibitions, I was browsing in hmv, when from downstairs I heard the familiar vocalisings of susheela raman, a very fine South Indian rooted singer, who I first saw a couple of years ago as part of a Tim Buckley tribute concert. She plays the spitz tonight and next Friday and is well worth seeing live.

So after this, my second wind (although technically first, as had been windless all day) kicked in and it was off up to darbucka for a very fine John Peel Day gig organised by the lovely steve. T'was an eclectic line-up, kicking off with chilled acoustic singer/song-writeriness from calamateur, followed by the superb mellowness of Steve's solo set, who was, as ever on top form both musically and wittily. The evening was then topped off by the African energy and all-round good vibes of Rise Kagona. Sadly I had to be sensible (for once) and leave before the end in order to catch my last train home, but it was a superb evening and one I think John himself would have been most impressed by...well done Steve!

And now for something completely different, as tonight it's off to the Albert Hall to see Joan Armatrading...well, technically I'm going to see my friend who has been on tour for the past month as her support artist, but I've always been a Joan fan too, so its a win/win situation!


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