Wednesday, October 12, 2005


well, have finally managed to make it back in to work after being confined to the roundness of my bed for the best part of a week thanks to (possibly) the nastiest flu I've ever is still lingering now, almose a full week later, but thankfully is receding slowly...I did however arrive at work today to be greeted, firstly, by one of my colleagues loudly exclaiming (can you quietly exclaim?)'you look terrible' during the all staff meeting (thaks Em!), and then discovered my boss is now incubating the little fluey bacteria critters and is needless to say blaming me entirely...ho hum...

On the upside, my bonus bed time meant I got to watch my newly purchased scrubs dvds which cheered me up no end - hurrah for lovely Zach Braff!

Am venturing out into the social world again tonight, starting with curry in a local restaurant ((3 Monkeys), which should help to clear the sinuses, before, hopefully, heading up to the South Bank to catch some of the john peel day launch concert at the Queen Elizabeth Hall...


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