Thursday, November 03, 2005

technological breakdown

have finally managed to hack on to the internet following complete server meltdown at work...this is bad enough in itself, but as I am the company IT department it does not bode awaiting help from a flotilla of engineers allegedly winging their way to us as I type...meanwhile I am surrounded by hordes of frustrated co-workers (who would be somewhat more irate if they discover I've managed to secretly hack online...heh heh heh!).

On the upside, broadband has now been installed at home, tho wireless is not yet working...hopefully this will be fixed by the weekend and I can resume my full virtual life as I knew it (or something...)

Meanwhile, back in real life, my live music fix yesterday was supplied courtesy of the stunningly beautiful mariza, who performed to a sold out Barbican...was superb gig, even if fado isn't your thing (I wasn't convinced it was mine) you couldn't fail to be won over by her charm, quirkiness and amazing vocal talent...the set also included a stunning cover of Billie Holliday's 'Summertime'...

Was also rather nice to go to a civilised sit down concert, after all the drunken rock n' roll of recent weeks....a good prelude to the forthcoming jazz festival...

Rockiness will however be revisited on Saturday, as I have the joy of seeing the
white stripes at Hammersmith...yay!

Anyway, back to the joy of computer engineers now...


Blogger jazzshark said...

has every computer in london melted down or something...? i'm seeing more than a little similarity in several blogs....
shark (all wired up and connected)

1:21 pm  

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