Thursday, November 17, 2005

...and all that jazz

Have just returned home from the second of two very fine nights of music.

Tuesday night's offering was courtesy of a shark reccommendation, being personified in the form of the very lovely jeff taylor, who's over on a short visit from New York. Superb singer/songwriter, great lyrics and very fine guitar playing at the 12 Bar Club- turned into one of those lovely nights where you meet lots of random new people and your faith in the friendliness of London is restored....

and now, I've just had the pleasure of being at steve's latest venture at darbucka. First on was the superb Trip Wamsley - although I've heard many great things about him, this was my first experience of seeing/hearing him at work - I was not disappointed... Jeff then appeared to do a couple of songs, and then Steve and Theo took up their headlining spots on stage. Jeff also rejoined to do some very fine vocal improv Bobby McFerrin stylee with them...all in all a very fine night, complete with shisha pipe...

All this of course has meant I haven't seen much of the jazz festival thus far, but I intend to rectify this on Friday!


Anonymous Steve said...

thanks so much for coming along, ever-faithful and lovely catster - I think you've been to more of my gigs this year than I have. ;)


11:39 am  
Blogger Catster said...

Oh no - does that mean I've become a groupie?!


5:31 pm  

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