Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A journey of 11980 miles starts with...

...a day at the office - harumph!

And I even made it in on time - luggage and all!

Which is most impressive considering the level of drunken-ness I mysteriously achieved last night. Things got off to a civilised start when I met up with purplemafling and the elf for a couple of glasses of wine. I then returned home and made the fatal error of joining an already in progress dinner party, which had 'already in progress-ed' beyond the food point, and into the gin point...which, it would seem, continued for some time! Somehow managed to finish off packing in between gins, so hopefully nothing has been forgotten!

And so, a couple more hours in the office and its off to the joyousness of Heathrow - and beyond!


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