Monday, April 03, 2006

In which Happy Dave moves in

It's been a splendid hectic week of funfilled greatness, including 1 amazing gig (Sigur Ros), one fun gig (OKGO), further post work drinking with new colleagues, and laughing until it hurt last night when we went to watch the Mighty Boosh live show - I wasn't sure how it would all work live, but it was superb, and in a lot of ways even better than the tv series...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch....Happy Dave has now moved in and WFB is no more...and even if I do say so myself I cooked a splendid welcome meal - salad tricolore, steak with lovely veggies followed by homemade lemone sorbetto...all followed by sumptuous french cheeses courtesy of FMB's 'work' France trip this weekend. After which we have just finished a somewhat epic game of 90's Trivial Pursuits...which of course my team (i.e. myself & HD) won swimmingly.

The only minorly disturbing occurrence arising from HD's arrival is the appearance of a lump of purest green in the bathroom, which unfortunately seems to be havinbg an adverse effect on the resident ducks....


Blogger jazzshark said...

welcome happy dave! but leave those chicks alone ;-)
shark x

2:25 pm  

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