Monday, May 22, 2006

everything in its right place

have had one of those weekends where I've emerged feeling like I haven't had a weekend at all - but in a good, manically busy way! After a mad festival related crisis at work on Friday, I eventually managed to escape in time to swig a quick G&T before heading in for the fabulous Radiohead gig at Hammersmith. They played an amazing 2 hour set, featuring around 8 new tracks, plus loads of classic favourites, and it was a truly awesome gig. Afterwards we hit the bar around the corner for a couple of hours, before returning for the aftershow, and then pizza in the suite...somehow this all culminated in my rolling in home at around 4.30am...oops! Saturday featured a chilled out morning catching up on big brother footage - yes, the entire household is now hooked - followed by a virtuous spring cleaning session, most of which was energetically carried out by FMB,, whilst I more sedately tackled the bathroom... went to see 'Brick' in the evening, which I can thoroughly recommend - a really interesting film, with very slick dialogue, which features contemporary american high school students, but scripted in 1940's gangsterish film noir-ish stylee...
Sunday saw me successfully dragging myself out of my round sanctuary of bedness to go visit the lovely winchursts in their new home town of Southampton, where we spent a fun afternoon selecting blinds and lights for their new house, plus some very cute sparkly angel fairy lights for Izzy's room! And it's so muc easier to visit now they're in the same country - hurrah! And now I have to go cos BB's on!


Anonymous Kate said...

And we were very pleased to see you - tho we were a bit embaressed about the weather! Isabel has been running around the room with the sparkly lights making excited squeaking noises.......who knows what she'll do when we actuslly put them up!?

Kate x

12:08 pm  

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