Sunday, July 09, 2006

Chilling out

Yesterday I had my first proper whole day off in around 3 weeks, and it was fanatastic! I actually slept really well, had a lazy lie in, and got up feeling refreshed and revitalised (those of you who know me will know what a rare occurrence this is)! A large pot of coffee accompanied by bacon & guacamole bagels followed, along with a catch up gossip with FMB. Then it was off round to CNL's for a blissful afternoon lazing in her garden, aided by plentiful jugs of Pimms, and a dangerously addictive card game in which my competitive streak well and truly reared its ugly head! Was supposed to head off and see Fat Freddy's Drop at Somerset House in the evening, but was far too happy and settled to move - a testament to CNL's wondrous hospitality! I'm just glad not all days off are like this, because it makes me truly value them when they are.


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