Friday, July 07, 2006

Life on the road

Phew - have just returned after a week on tour, visiting 5 (glamorous?!) UK cities in 6 days, and I haveto say, despite feeling absolutely knackered, its been a very splendid week, full of hard work, fun and no major mishaps. Seems very strange being back in my flat now, after living in hotels and on crew catering. Incidentally (not that I can imagine any of you ever needing to anyway) but never, under any circumstances stay in Coventry Novotel - I won't go into all its qualities, but it didn't start well, as when we arrived (at midnight, having driven up from London that morning and worked 12 hours onsite at the show) it was to discover that they'd taken it upon themselves to give away my pre-paid room to another guest...grrrr! And then ofcourse there was the hardcore porn being shown in the foyer bar. Otherwise, we saw lovely rolling yorkshire dales, beautiful sunsets, heard fabulous northern accents ('appen) and oh yes, some funky rock courtesy of RHCP, Ben Harper and !!!
Previously (on er), I also had lots of splendid fun working on Wireless Festival and Roger Waters in Hyde Park...


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