Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Post-Lambasting Post

It was abruptly brought to my attention by my fellow flat-dwellers that it is a month since my last post. I have no excuse, other than I seem to have fallen subject to a giant and vacuous worm hole in the space time continuum, which has rudely stolen the past month from me. This theory is supported by the fact that I seem to have been insanely and constantly busy, but cannot bring to mind much of note that has happened...which leads me to believe that they just don't make time like they used to - or is it just another sign of my increasing years?

To bring you up to date, the things that I can bring to mind are as follow:

  • end of summer touring season, with a long weekend in Bath, which was lots of fun, and felt more like a weekend break than work.
  • my contract has been renewed at work, so I am now a permanent member of staff - yes, my spell in the evil nation continues indefnitely - hurrah!
  • Shark & TH have been over for 2 week visit - yay! Great gigs, much drinking and fine company ensued, and the visit was over far too quickly (perhaps due to the recent fluctuations in my space-time continuum?).
  • Have attended a plethora of leaving do's on the South Bank and caught up with many old friends/ colleagues, and in doing so have drunk far too much wine (perhaps cause of the recent fluctuations in my space-time continuum?)!
  • Girly day trip to Brighton for shopping and magical times on the beach with shark and est
  • In an attempt to further FMB's self-proclaimed unfounded jealousy, and in a 'lack of a nearby shark' slump in spirits I have booked myself a ten day trip to New York - yay once again! - and what's more I am flying on my birthday!
  • And finally...2nd white hair has been found on my head...oo err, but you will be relieved to hear I am not as traumatised as first time round.


Anonymous sticklebec aka FMB said...

Yay the lambasting worked! Now make sure it's not another month til the next post. And none of these "fluctuations in the space-time continuum" excuses in the future please...

11:27 am  

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